Currently…10th January 

The image below and the Currently prompts from RUKristin.


I finished all the Chicago Fire episodes from NowTV. I then caught up with Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS: Los Angeles. I also tried out Quantico (watched the whole first season) and started watching Blindspot.


The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

I’m still working my way through The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher. I’m hoping with the adventures we have planned over the next few weeks I’ll be able to get some more reading done.


We have a radio in the kitchen and some days it’s on all day. I’ve known for a while that Jaxon loves music because he just has to hear music and starts dancing but in the last week or so he’s started sitting down for meals in the kitchen and if the radio isn’t on he points at it shouting On! On! On! So we’ve been having the radio on. I’ve been listening to more worship music when I have my headphones in walking to and from places. I’ve been also playing For King and Country.


I’ve been trying to get on with the Moorland CAL by Attic 24 but I’ve been really struggling with getting the stitch count correct. I decided to pause it for now but use the wool that I have to make a granny stripe blanket for Jaxon’s bed. It’s going to be multicoloured so hopefully he will like it. It is a real shame as I did want to be part of the CAL but for now it’s kit stressing me out rather than relaxing me.


Excited about the future. Chris and I have spoken about bits surrounding Daisy Media and that side of things. We’ve been planning more adventures for 2017 as well as bits round the house that need to be done in the middle. Our bedroom got finished – we’re just working on getting things organised and away following the furniture being moved round or removed completely. Chris now has a desk so he can do some work bits. Also means that if he needed to work from home there is space for him to it in.


Working on the next adventure we are going on, places to visit and things to do. Excited to tick a sort of Bucket List item off which is really cool. Need to actually write my bucket list properly. I keep starting it then giving up or changing notebook.


Loving how verbal Jaxon is now. It’s still vague in places and sometimes I’m not entirely sure what he’s staying but we’re getting there which is good!
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