Little Makes – 6th January 

I’m excited for Little Makes – this is a new linkie I’ve come across in the last week or so. It’s joining with Jemma at Thimble and Twig and Fee at One of Each.

Little Makes

This week I’ve been a busy bumblebee!

Temperature Blanket

With knowing that 2016 was coming to an end, I’d been crocheting like mad to get my Temperature Blanket finished. On New Year’s Eve, I was counting down the squares I had left to do as the time ticked away. With Chris working hard on decorating the bedroom nearly all week. He decided on NYE to park in front of the television for a bit. We ended up watching the Call The Midwife Christmas Special and playing Rummikub. I hadn’t watched the CTM Christmas Special on Christmas Day because I figured the boys wound’t want to sit through it. We had a good time and it was really nice to hang out.

Completed Temperature Blanket

Then again this wasn’t really a Little Makes – it’s about 2m long by 1.5 wide! Oops! Big Make there!

Caron Cakes

Caron Cakes

There’s this lovely wool called Caron Cakes and it’s a Michael‘s Exclusive. Yep – you can’t get it here in the UK. My very lovely friend who works in New York was back for Christmas and was willing to bring me back a couple of balls. (I had one and the rest were to share with my Mum, her bestie and bestie’s daughter). It’s so soft – it’s no surprise it’s been really popular!

So what is my Little Makes for this one? I headed for Ravelry as it’s generally a good starting place. I found a pattern called Debut by Katiuscia Bayslak (aka The Yarn Juice). I had a few issues with making sure I had the right number of stitches but after three or four attempts I figured it out.

My Attempt at Debut

Attic 24 Moorland CAL

Moorland Stripe Blanket

(How pretty does this look!! The image is from Attic24)

I’ve never taken part in a Crochet-A-Long but this one starts today and I’ve still not decided on my colours – I think I am going to work my way thorugh the different colours in my stash and come up with something crazy.  You can find more information over on Attic24’s website. (Specifically here but there will be more info up soon!). I’ll be sure to share my pictures as I get going.


    • Hannah says:

      My friend did one and depended on the weather so blue or yellow for a sunny day, white for when we had snow, grey for mist or something like that. Love that idea too.

  1. Jemma says:

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this. This is super cool! It’s a massive make! Amazing stuff! This is really inspiring, I can’t wait to see more of what you make- thanks so much for linking up #littlemakes

    • Hannah says:

      Hey Jemma! Yes was a massive make! We’ve got it on our double bed and even with two adults and our toddler in the middle we have heaps to spare! It’s hilarious! Once our bedroom is properly tidied following all the decorating I’ll have to take a picture of it on the bed. Thanks for having me!!

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