Currently…12th January


Currently… image from rukristin

Scandal (Season 4)
Running Wild with Bear Grylls
House M.D. (from the very beginning)
Veronica Mars (Dad was watching it on Friday)

Facebook or news stories which is good and bad. Need to get on with reading actual books.

UCB and BBC Radio 2. Usually switch over to Radio 2 for Popmaster or have it on in the car as I can’t get UCB.

New Friends, went to a coffee morning for the local Attached Parenting group. Was lovely to meet new people although Jaxon was the youngest there I think.

I’ve been working on all sorts of bits. At the moment I have a calendar out in front of me figuring out when to blog and what to do.

Still on the motivated thing. Apart from yesterday when I had a headache. Even managed two extra naps yesterday. I think the second probably made the headache worse rather than better.

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