TGIF: Things I’m Grateful For


Things I'm Grateful For

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Ashley from Hello Nature, Laura from The Laura Way & Nay from Coffee-N-Ink.

Jaxon I know it sort of sounds a little crazy to say it out loud but I’m grateful for him. I’m grateful for his hilarious little giggle that makes me smile. I’m grateful for the way he rubs his face on my shoulder when he’s tired. I’m grateful for the way he’s started to do “nursing gymnastics”. The other morning it was his right hand on the same side he was feeding from then his right foot up on the other side. It was like he was body hugging!

Social Media There’s a couple of groups I belong to on Facebook that I am grateful for. I decided I needed to share my thoughts with the ladies and gents in one of the groups yesterday evening.

“Can I just say…
Thank you
Okay so it sounds sort of silly without a context but let me explain.
Apart from being fans of CLP there’s no chance we would have got to know each other, I might have bumped into Mrs K as she’s local to me (sorta!) but still I wouldn’t have stopped to chat to her. Not only that we’ve all formed such great little friendships too. (Or big friendships lol).
On my first CIN, Mr K walked me and a couple of others to the tube (and possibly rode the tube to King’s Cross) with us to make sure we were safe. But it’s not just on the actual CIN occasions.
When we went to Blackpool I mentioned it to Mrs A who despatched a long list of places to visit to me. When our guinea pig passed away a bunch of you were there commenting on a FB status (and sending my phone into meltdown!). So anyway, thank you!”

It was a bit soppy but having read someone else’s post and being like “oh that’s sweet” I felt I needed to say thank you and share the love.