Currently…15th June


Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

I’ve watched all sorts again this week. I watched Episode 2 of Pretty Little Liars on Wednesday when it went live on Netflix. I finished Season 1 of Switched at Birth and started episode 2. Chris and I watched a documentary about kids who are excluded from school for bad behaviour and aggression and attend a Education Unit/behavioural school. Yesterday evening while getting some posts written I watched a documentary called The Secret World of Lego then watched the first part of Humans (the new drama on Channel 4). (Just over half way through the episode – it’s okay but the Synthetics give me the creeps).

Still reading More TV Vicar? by Bryony Taylor. Almost at the end then trying to decide what to read next – ideally I need to get some of my “Currently Reading” list cleared before I start anything new. Then again the new Giovanna Fletcher book comes out this week – maybe I need to clear at least one book before starting a new book…Dream a Little Dream.

I added this category thinking it would be really easy to answer but actually I don’t really know some weeks what I’m wondering.

I got through about four or five rounds of the blanket pattern only to find that it was curling because of my tension. Mum suggested what to do next so I followed the steps, except when I finished the ball on Saturday I realised that something was wrong. It was curling up

My crochet project

This weekend has been a disaster for eating – we went to see Chris’s Auntie which meant we were definitely well fed. I guess it balanced out a bit having done Race for Life on Sunday Morning but still not great – guess I better get more walking in this week before I weigh in again.

Working On:
Getting blog posts organised and planned rather than trying to attempt to keep up each day.