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Let Your Blog Shine - June Prompts

Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

What I Wore Today

I pretty much live in my jeans apart from when I’m out attempting to do some exercise or they are in the wash. As you can see they are a bit over loved to the point that I’ve had to trim the straggly bits off the bottom and now I have one leg longer than the other. These are by Next and the style is Boy Fit – I really like them as they are comfortable and baggy but now I’ve lost weight they are actually too big and I can take them on and off without needing to undo the belt or the button. I keep trying on new jeans in the right size for now but I can’t find any that are comfortable enough. I’m guessing there are probably some out there I just need to start having a proper look. I tried on a couple of pairs in Primark the other week when I took Our Sidekick shopping – the 14s were okay but a little baggy so I tried on the 12s and they nearly cut me in half. I guess it’s going to be a challenge even when I am a smaller size. My Very Trashed Jeans

I love Breton stripes – Wiki Fashion, and because of the version of nerd that I am, I love the history too. Technically this isn’t a Breton shirt but it’s that idea. Breton stripes should be navy blue with white in between (and there should also be 21 stripes on the shirt but that’s a technicality). The French Navy uniform consisted of a Breton shirt the idea being it was easier to spot sailors when they fell overboard because of the stripes. This particular shirt is a Primark special, I did have a couple of tops that were specifically maternity wear but the rest of my shirts were normal T-shirts a couple of sizes bigger to compensate for my bump while I was pregnant with Jaxon – it was definitely a cheaper option. As you can see it’s a bit stretched round the tummy but it’s quite comfortable and easy enough to feed Jaxon while wearing it.

Stripey T-Shirt

On Monday I attended a thanksgiving service. I didn’t have any suitable shoes to wear so ended up wearing my flip flops. I grabbed this nail varnish and painted my toe nails so that they at least looked a little nicer than they normally do! This is Tempest by China Glaze, I’m not quite sure where I got it from but I really like the colour. It’s a blue purple when on, as you can see in the picture below. (I got some feedback from some friends about my blog and the comment was not enough pictures – so here we go with trying something new).

China Glaze Nail Varnish

China Glaze Tempest

Jaxon and I both have cold which is really rubbish – his keeps getting to the point that he ends up with his nose running all the way down his face! I keep trying to blow his nose but it really upsets him as he doesn’t like the tissue being in his face.

Do you have a particular outfit that you reach for when you’re chilling out at home? 


    • Hannah says:

      Comfort? Are they baggy? I don’t understand skinny jeans. Well unless I lay on the floor or stay standing up rather than sitting down.

    • Hannah says:

      I’m feeling a bunch better today thank you – then again I drank a bucket of water yesterday so that might have helped. I think being dehydrated makes you more bunged up possibly so all that water was good.

  1. Lauren White says:

    Love me some comfy jeans! I love that blue polish! I’m usually not daring enough to go with such a bold color, but it is a really pretty shade of blue!

    • Hannah says:

      Give it a go! Don’t chicken out! Then again my Mum wears the same shade of pink pretty much all the time – I think she takes it off because it’s chipped leaves it a couple of days and then repaints her nails in the same shade lol.

  2. almostsexymommy says:

    The nail polish is so pretty! I’m used to be a jeans girl, but these days I only wear them when I go out and basically live in yoga pants. I had a kidney removed and I can’t seem to find jeans that don’t irritate the scars 🙁

    So sorry to hear you guys are sick! Feel better soon!

    • Hannah says:

      I know that feeling – I had a C Section and until fairly recently lived in giant granny undies that came up to my belly button and lived in my maternity jeans as the waist band was round my ribs! Yoga pants are so comfy!

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