Currently…17th August (BEDIA)

Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

Our Sidekick has moved on without me so I need to go back to Season 3 and figure out what’s going on. I watched “What We Did On Our Holiday” starring Billy Connolly. It was really enjoyable and worth the watch. I did have to do a high speed catch up for Chris as I’d already started watching it.

For a while I had been trying to clear my currently reading list on Goodreads because it was getting a bit out of hand but that hasn’t really happened now. I started reading “Ordinary Mum, Extraordinary Mission” this week after I spotted it in the bookshop while running a Holiday Club errand last week. I had started re-reading a book I was given for my Secret Santa a couple of years ago called The Cause Within You as we’d been discussing about passions and what God has called us to at church and between Chris and I. At some point though Chris adopted the book so I wasn’t able to properly get reading so I’ll have to come back to that. Also the Women’s Group that I’m part of have decided that we’re reading Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. I want to get a bit further in “Ordinary Mum, Extraordinary Mission” before I started reading Men/Mars/Women/Venus.

I attempted to get some more squares done but Jaxon attempted to help me and at one point my bright orange wool was stretched across the room and not much was being done on the granny square. I’m determined to get more of it done in August because I want it to be ready for snuggling on the sofa when the weather gets colder and rubbish, so I need to get a move on. Also when Jaxon is a little older I want to make a blanket fort in the living room and time it so we eat tea in the blanket fort (because I think that would be so much fun!).

Once Holiday Club finished on Friday I decided I would focus on getting back on plan. Yesterday worked minus the mince for tea that had the wrong fat content (it should have been like 5% and we only had 12%) so that’s not so good but the rest of the dinner was pretty epic. It was mince, baked beans, passata, sweetcorn and macaroni pasta. So it was epically filling. I thought there was some left over so that I could have it today but I think the boys must have eaten it… Yesterday, breakfast was on plan but lunch wasn’t as Jaxon and I were on a field trip to one of his friend’s first birthday party. It was a lovely BBQ including cheesy nachos! (YUMMY!) Dinner was more on plan, we had SW chips, carrots and a chicken breast, there were syns on the chicken as we added cheese and BBQ sauce so it was like a pretend Hunter’s Chicken. We also had stuffing, I had a tiny bit that Chris cut off for me, Chris then ate like half the dish!

Working On
I got a bit of a bargain on a new Midori in regular size and I’ve emailed a shop in London about the inserts and if they mail them out, it turns out that they do mail them out so that’s super exciting I just need to decide what to do. I’m also working on what to spend my Amazon voucher on. I was part of a Mailbox swap and my partner Sinziana (who writes Sparkling Shoes Girl) lives in Romania, so I think rather than posting something and risking it getting lost or having to pay a fortune in shipping, she got me a voucher which is super cool! We had a chat yesterday morning via email and I think I’m going to do the same just deciding where to get the voucher from…

Blog Every Day in August

Good Morning! It’s August and I’m joining a few of my blogger friends to blog every day this month, at least around here you’ll be able to find all my posts under BEDIA. Be sure to check out their blogs too.

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