Storing and Organising Duvet Sets

Storing and Organising Duvet Sets

Storing and organising duvet sets like this is clearly not a new idea. The two articles I found were dated 2011 and 2012 so there you go! However it’s another revelation to me especially given the muddle I get in while changing the bedding!

I tend to end up with a mismatched bedding. This is because I often can’t find the matching pillowcases to go with the duvet cover and then the bottom sheet just gets eaten by the cupboard monster or something.

So somehow when I got inspired by the T-Shirt Folding Hack I also got inspired by this idea. When I was sorting out the laundry I started the first set but realised parts of the set were missing. This meant that the pillowcase didn’t move any further than a pile of clean clothes in the bedroom. When I changed the bedding on Sunday I found the additional pillowcase for the set I was stripping off the bed. Although, in theory, it was clean from being in the cupboard I chucked it in the wash too so we have a whole set together again.

Storing Duvet Covers

We use fitted sheets on the bed because flat sheets untuck themselves too easily. However, I’m thinking that if I lay it out and then fold it into the inside of the duvet cover like a sandwich then it’ll lay sort of flat when I get it into the pillowcase with the rest of the set. For now, it’s going to be an “as I change the bed” kind of job but I think I will have to spend nap time one day just emptying the cupboard and getting it sorted because stuff doesn’t stay on the shelves. Need to figure out if there’s an optimum way of folding the towels too!

Making it Work in Our House

Our cupboard is slightly wider than a standard door however, the shelves aren’t deep enough for the sheets to sit like the pictures. However, I think if they turn 90 degrees and go on the shelf that way then it will work better. It also means that we can clear out what we actually use and what we don’t use. I’m pretty sure there are stray items from incomplete duvet sets. We have a double bed but king size duvet so we buy the fitted sheets separate to the duvet sets themselves. This means sometimes we end up with more stray items that way. We have “guest duvet” that we keep on top of the wardrobe, so we then also have a handful of double duvet sets in the cupboard too. Then we have single stuff for Our Sidekick’s bed but I can do the same thing for his bed and put them on a separate shelf if I get myself in gear. I guess it’s one of those long-term goals to achieve!

The image above is from the LifeHacker post explaining the same idea. You can find the article here or by clicking on the image above.

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