Currently: 18th April

Currently - 18th April

This post was originally started using the Currently prompt from RUKristin. Have a good week!

Watching: Still working my way through Doctor Who but have caught up on Scandal and Madam Secretary this week as well as watching Pixels.

Reading: I’ve been attempting to finish the books I’ve already started before starting something new but again that’s not happening. This last week I started and finished reading The AssassinEdit by Laura Teagan. This is the first book in the Cassie Morgan Series. There is a sequel in the pipeline I believe so am waiting for that one. I’m now heading back to my Currently Reading list on Goodreads to try and clear some before starting new ones.

Listening: When I’ve been working at the computer I’ve been alternating between last week’s Throwback Thursday playlist on Spotify and my own playlist. Last week I added Polaris by Emily and The Moon to the playlist. She’s currently taking part in CBC’s Searchlight competition – if you like the song please vote for her here.

Making: I finished one project on Monday and have started planning another while making a third. This is another thing I’m trying to finish before starting new projects. Not sure it’s entirely going to work out that way but I’ll keep trying. 

Feeling: Better than last week. The sore throat went away eventually. I’m also super excited about the next two weeks. I’m off to Cambridgeshire for a Mini Planner Con meet. I get to catch up with Becca too. 

Planning: Another crochet project. Need to finish current ones though. Also planning packing and stuff like that for the weekend. It’s not far away but you can guarantee I’ll forget something! 

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