ALP: Your Ideal Day

ALP Creative Team
Some weeks the prompts for ALP Creative Team are really simple and straightforward. Other weeks I am totally floored and up to the wire because I just don’t know what to do.

I headed to our little chat thing where we can discuss the prompts and things like that and mentioned that I had been to London with the boys at the weekend and that I’d been writing in my journal about it. I was a bit nervous about it not being right but having shown a taster page in the group they were all really positive about it so I’ve gone ahead with it.

I’d stuck in the train tickets, a section of the shopping map from Cabot Circus at Canary Wharf and bits of map (printed from Google and cut down and tweaked to fit in).

So although some moments were stressful and less than ideal, the day was about spending time with Jaxon and Chris and doing fun stuff even if the bits between the fun things were stressing me a little bit!

You can read about the trip to London along with more photographs here.

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