Currently…18th January

This post was originally started using the Currently prompt from RUKristin. You can get all sorts of You can find that here. Have a good week!

Currently… Watching
The Post-Christmas Harry Potter revision continued this week with watching more of the films. I’ve now finished up to The Deathly Hallows Part 1. I started Part 2 yesterday afternoon while Jaxon was napping and then had to switch it off once he was up again because there’s a lot of dramatic bits in that last one so I thought I’d wait until his nap today (although I don’t think I’ll get there right now as I really need to focus on a couple of tasks like this post and a guest post for another website).

Currently… Reading
I’ve been reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone but I am also working on clearing my Currently Reading list on Goodreads. This means rather than starting As Always, Julia or Saving Bletchley Park, I’m reading Doctor Who: 11 Doctors, 11 Stories. I managed to read the whole of The Fourth Doctor story yesterday and hoping to get through The Fifth Doctor by the end of the week.

Following the news of David Bowie passing away at the beginning of last week I had Life on Mars and Let’s Dance on repeat running through my head so I didn’t really need music playing. I did play them a couple of times too. One of my favourite version of Life on Mars was the cover that G4 did but has to be said I also like this one by Patrick from Fall Out Boy. When I was listening to other music it tended to be worship music either on my iPhone or UCB Media playing on the radio.

Currently… Feeling
All sort of jumbled really. This last week was such a jumble of emotions that it seems to have flown by and I really feel like I didn’t achieve what I needed to get done along the way.

Currently… Planning
My systems are just not working. When I wrote the notes for this post I had one plan but now I’m on another. I’m using my fire engine red Moleskine as a Bullet Journal including daily bits. Then I’ve got my Midori for a journal of sorts then I’ve got a smaller ZLYC Passport Size Midori style notebook that I’m now setting up. I thought about using it as a day to day diary and notebook to carry with me but I’m still not 100% sure that will work and if I’m overcomplicating life instead of simplifying it.

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