2016 Goals: Stashbusting Blanket & OneLittleWord

There’s a lot going on around these parts at the moment.

Christmas has finished and is almost (!) packed away (the tree got missed when Chris was in the loft so it ended up living on the landing for now).

Mum and I (with help from Dad) got my birthday invites made this weekend, even though Mum and I have been discussing them for weeks already! With help from Mum and Chris they are being distributed. Mum took the ones for my Uncle and Aunt and my Grandparents as she was visiting them or seeing them at church this weekend. Chris took a handful to church on Sunday and I’ll take the remainders next weekend as I’m on creche.  It is really early to be distributing invites as my birthday isn’t until the end of April but with the party being on the Bank Holiday weekend, we figured it would be good to invite people in case they were planning other things for the long weekend.

There’s a bunch going on with church  bits and pieces – some good, some not so good. And I guess with all this comes to the stash busting blanket.

The preaches at one church we have visited recently have been from the Elders and where they feel their patch is with God, but also the overall Vision for the church in 2016 from the Lead Elder.

One of these preaches the title was “Simplify”.

I’ve been wondering about a word for the year for about three or four weeks now – people keep discussing about the One Word thing and I just keep pondering over what mine would be, for ages I had just about settled on Thrive or Thriving because by the end of last year I really felt like I was just surviving through bunch of things rather than thriving. But actually I think I’ve found my word for this year. I think it’s Simplify.

I guess in a way it had actually started before Christmas when Chris and I had a massive claret and sent off, gave away and sold books and DVDs. We even sold the shelves that held my DVDs. I did a pre-Christmas clear out of Jaxon’s toys although I might have to do more of a clean out now.

So…this is where the stash busing blanket comes in properly. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for ages, I can go to Hobbycraft or Tudor Rose and buy a ball of wool even if I don’t really need it, to the point that I have at least 2 if not 3 storage boxes full of wool. Technically this is the second stash busting blanket I’ve got on the go but they both have the same purpose so for now we’ll stick on this one.

I started crocheting my way through a bunch of odd balls and started to form them into squares like this. I hadn’t sewn them together and still was debating what to do with them. So I decided enough was enough and I’d start sewing them together. If you look closely you’ll see that some are surrounded with cream and some are white – this was because I ran out of cream but even though I could have gone and bought some I rearranged the squares so that the ones right in the middle will have cream round the outside and the rest will have white – it might look like it’s wrong but given the purpose of the blanket I think it will pass!

This blanket is going to go on our bed upstairs instead of the fleece blankets we currently have on the bed – Chris will probably complain that we have an extra layer on the bed but I think he’ll also see the benefit of not having so much wool in the house! Bring on the crochet!


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