Currently…1st June


Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

The lack of internet has affected all sorts mainly running my business and watching TV. Chris and I spent Saturday evening catching up on Elementary, having spent most of the day working on chores around the house. It was nice to chill out and not do anything after the crazy day that we both had had. Grey’s Anatomy and Bones – had a bit of a catch up. I’m pleased that someone gets a happy ending for once on these shows. Well I guess the people/person in question gets a happy ending for now, come next season the writers could kill off the happy ending without warning.

I’ve been trying to finish Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller but then I got distracted and started More TV Vicar? by Bryony Taylor, well you know when your friend writes a book you have to read it, it would be rude not to.

What I think of the new header. I was having a bit of a play with Canva and decided I liked it but now I’m like “What has a city skyline got to do with this post?” and “Does that font go with the image?”. Oh well, maybe I shake it up and have a different one each week until I find one that I like.

You know what. Minus a handful of squares I made while sat at Slimming World on Thursday, I haven’t picked up any crocheting. I’ve either been chasing Jaxon, working or cleaning it seems. I need to get a move on with the squares that I’m supposed to be doing. I might do them tomorrow afternoon before the week kicks off again.

Food wise, I was determined to be so good. And most of the time I have done that. Our Sidekick gave me about half a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and even when I really wanted to eat the whole (half) tub, I didn’t. I worked out how many syns there was in a whole tub and then worked out how much ice cream I could have. I got it out of the freezer and weighed it. I ate two bits of cookie dough that were on the top and then went back and weighed it again. I scooped onto my spoon the small amount I could then have to make it up to 25g and took the tub back to Chris so that he would eat the rest. That way there is no Ben and Jerry’s in my house now hehe. (I decided I would eat it on Saturday after doing Park Run in the morning, chores for most of the day and then walking to the supermarket and my parents house in the evening).

Working On:
What am I not working now write now. I need to get my butt in gear and sorted out, I keep writing to do lists and then misplacing them or not paying attention to them.

Just so you know, this post includes affiliate links. It’s just a few pennies each time but they all count along the way. Thank you.

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