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Five Trends You Will Never Wear

five trends I would not wear

Okay so I’m sure in some circles these are acceptable trends but for me I really wouldn’t wear them!

Shell Suit
Shell suits were really trendy in the late Eighties – although it looks like a tracksuit it’s not. A tracksuit tends to be sweater material or polyester kind of fabric that you wear over running kit or your swimming costume (think athletes lining up before a competition). The shell suit tended to come in really garish colours and was made of a waterproof PVC or Nylon and unfortunately because of that they were really flammable. They are noisy too lol. You could always hear someone coming as the fabric almost crinkles.

Hot Pants
I prefer shorts that are sort of board short length, I might wear above the knee but they are still long shorts. Why won’t I wear hot pants? Because a lot of the time they are so short that you’d probably be able to see my underwear out of the leg holes! (And what’s with the hot pants over tights? Maybe I just don’t get it)

High Waisted Jeans
I do like high waisted jeans and if I could carry off the look I might wear them but because I’m kind short, I look like I’m wearing tall fit rather than normal or petite fit jeans if I wear High Waisted – also because they have to then go round my tummy I have to got for a larger size.

Drain Pipe/Skinny Fit Jeans
Our Sidekick has a think about skinny fit jeans. I imagine he’d be the kind of person who would have to put his jeans on lying in the middle of the floor so that he could get them on. I have a pair of straight cut jeans but they were heading towards being skinny on me anyway. Some drain pipe jeans you used to have to put on while they were wet so that they stretched into the right shape for your legs. Talk about a faff!

Strapless tops/dresses
Firstly unless it fits really well, you spend most of the time hitching up the dress/top. Secondly, the problem with strapless anything is that you can’t always wear your comfy underwear lol. I did have a strapless bra at one point but I spent so much time hitching it up that it was just uncomfortable.

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  1. Britt says:

    I think it is so interesting to see people’s styles! I only wear strapless dresses if I can wear a jean jacket or something similar over the top of it. I have a few go-to strapless dresses but I also have a cover up for each one! I am definitely not skinny but I have come to love skinny jeans – the trick is finding the right ones that are flattering to you. I don’t know if you have Maurices, but they have awesome skinny jeans that are so comfortable! The track suit cracked me up because my mom still have a few from the eighties that she tries to wear and we always send her back inside to change!

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