Currently…22nd September


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Who Do You Think You Are?
The Great British Bake Off
The Little Mermaid
Curious George

Not a lot… posts mainly but that’s about it. I guess my Slimming World book gets a bit more of a look in as I’m trying to get back on plan.

Radio mainly. At home it’s UCB UK and in the car it’s Radio 2.

Christmas presents still and the WIP that I adopted.

My cough is pretty much gone. My ankle is sore when I’m tired and when I try to kneel on the floor but it’s getting stronger everyday.
Blessed too! I spent a lovely day with my goddaughter, her mum and grandma and some of her friends. Then when I was having a little meltdown this evening my friend basically phoned and said “if you can be free at this time I will come save the day!” We came up with a different plan but I am so blessed and grateful that she was able to through together a plan if we needed it. (Does that make sense??)

More tidying for the social worker visit! It was rescheduled to this week after the social worker ended up running late and then phoned to say she was at the wrong address.
Food plan. We actually wrote a meal plan. It’s ended up adapted since we first wrote it on Saturday but the idea is that I can do prep if needed during the day or start when Chris leaves work so that there’s little to do when he gets in from work. Tomorrow is Our Sidekick’s turn to cook. I think we’re having chicken and something…..

Jaxon is properly recognising faces now. He smiles from ear to ear when he sees me, Chris or Our Sidekick. Our Sidekick makes sure he says hello to Jaxon as soon as he gets in from school. He even “babysat” for half an hour-ish this evening when I went to collect Chris from work. He was all prepared with a bottle of milk just in case Jaxon woke up. In the end Jaxon woke up as we walked through the door. Good timing little one!