Dear Jaxon… – 10 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

This week you hit double figures and what a week it was. On Sunday it was your dedication which was a lot of fun although a little overwhelming all round. I think now that you’re a bit more with it we are doing more things, so sometimes I really struggle to remember what we did each week.

We spent some of the week getting things ready for your dedication at the weekend. We got navy blue and sunshine yellow serviettes from the supermarket and a cake decoration from the craft shop.

On Saturday, you and I went to meet Emma for a coffee in town, it was lovely to chat and chill out rather than stressing over what needed to be done for the following day. In the evening, you came out for dinner with me and the church ladies, then I dropped  you home to spent time with Daddy and I went to the cinema for the first time in ages. When I got home you were fast asleep and didn’t even stir.


In the morning it was your dedication at church. Daddy, Our Sidekick, your Godparents, you and me all went up the front during the service to do all the bits we needed to for your dedication. The pastor prayed for you, he was going to hold you but as you were asleep and so chilled in daddy’s arms he decided to leave you there and just put his hand on your head to pray for you.

Dedication SelfieDaddy, you and me posed for this picture that I send to a couple of friends who couldn’t make it to the service – I think you were a bit confused as to what was going on and why my camera was that close to your face. Our friend was in the row in front of us with his big camera taking photos during the service for us so that we could remember the day when you’re older and not have to worry about taking the pictures ourself.

You were dressed in the same outfit that you had for Uncle Richard and Auntie Heather’s wedding a couple of weekends ago. We decided that really on this important occasion you should be dressed up. Also wanted to make sure that you got the wear out of the outfit, you’re already in 3-6 month clothes and at the rate you’re going it could be more than that soon!

Following the service there was a big lunch with family and friends, you were held by quite a few different people. At one point Grandpa had you, and you had a bit of a feed from a bottle. Then you made it round the table and next thing I knew, you were being held by my auntie (Your Great Aunt) and she was feeding you the rest of the bottle.

After the meal we were tidying up and I slipped over on the floor, thankfully you were on the other side of the room with Nanny and Auntie Rachel, had you been in my arms I worry whether I’d have hurt you by mistake as I hit the floor. I hurt my ankle and at first decided going home to elevate it would be okay but after a while it had swollen up, so Grandpa and Grandma came to look after Our Sidekick, while Daddy, you and I went to the hospital to get me checked out. It took about 45 minutes to be seen but following that we went straight to X-Ray and the doctor hovered around while we waited for the image to develop – he then came out and told us that there wasn’t anything broken – good good! I did panic that I would be trying to look after you and be on crutches or something like that.


After falling over yesterday we hung out around at home rather than going out. We worked our way through a heap of TV, some you won’t be allowed to watch properly until you’re older lol. I think you like the TV because of the bright moving pictures. We watched The Little Mermaid after the conversation I had with Emma and Karen on Saturday on the way home from the cinema.


Daddy was off sick – I think he’s caught the cold/cough thing that you and I have been fighting for the last couple of weeks. He snuggled up on the sofa and slept lots. In the afternoon, you joined him on the sofa and had cuddles while I pottered around and did bits too. I even went to the supermarket while you were asleep in Daddy’s arms. I think he was a little panicked that you would wake up while I was out the house but I managed to get to and from the supermarket and you hadn’t woken or even stirred – good boy!


In the afternoon before going to Grandma’s to collect her before Slimming World, we went for a walk around the big lake at the Country Park. We managed to get round the first time in about 35 minutes so we went for a second lap which was good fun. It was nice to be out of the house given the week that we’d had.

I am determined that next week will have more details and it’ll make sense for once!

Happy 10 Weeks Little Boy.

Love you


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