Currently…24th August (BEDIA)

Currently 24th August

Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

I’ve been watching heaps of YouTube videos for inspiration for my Midori. I think it needs a nickname… It’s one of the lovely Blue Midori Notebooks. I’ve been watching the videos but mainly creating and making so more about that a bit further down.

I also ended up working my way through a bunch of random Netflix movies, I started with one and then they kept popping up on the recommended ones so I gave them a go. I ended up with a Christmas movie too but who cares! lol. So I watched Holidaze, Grace Unplugged, For Better or For Worse and Love, Rosie. Some were really cheesy and predictable but they were all light hearted and could play in the background while I did things.

Other vlogs I’ve been watching include Anna and Mr B from Mrs Brambles and other ones from my subscriptions. I also stepped out and made two videos – one has uploaded so far and the other is just rubbish and will be deleted instead.

Mainly blog posts like this and this but other than that not a lot of reading going on recently. I’m still reading “Ordinary Mum, ExtraOrdinary Mission” but also reading “For Such A Time As This” again because it focuses on the story of Esther which seems to be speaking to me a lot at the moment. She’s an ordinary girl who had an extra ordinary mission which she couldn’t do without God in her corner.

I’ve been playing with paper, pens and rulers to try and create my own inserts which seems to have been working when I’m cutting down other books (like two (out of three) Moleskine Cahiers I think I was sent by Rickie in the past). I keep looking in town for a couple more of the ones with square pages as they work better for the variation on Bullet Journalling that I seem to have fallen into but I haven’t been able to find them. I have an Amazon Gift Voucher semi-scorching a hole in my pocket but still don’t 100% know what to spend it on. I probably should be sensible but would rather just spend it! My discovery was that you have to cut from the front or back with the book closed so that your pages are all the same distance from the staples or binding – unlike my first attempt that I did with scissors and well and truly murdered – thankfully Mum’s rotary cutter saved that one from the bin! (Yes I know, I watched a whole YouTube video and then choice to risk it anyway so it was my own stupid fault!)

Better! Focusing on being on plan, eating more fruit and veg, less junk and those pounds will hopefully go away! I bought a size 14 top from a charity shop on Saturday, it’s a little snug but it’ll be just right with a few more pounds gone.

Working On
All sorts, there’s about a week to go to the end of the month at which point BEDIA will be finished. I’m filling in the gaps that I’ve missed (I know what’s the point in doing a BEDIA sort of challenge if you don’t keep up!). Then trying to decide what to do next. Listers Gotta List looks fun but so does #30daysoflists. Then there’s other projects floating around too. Really I need to focus and get myself sorted. Also Slimming World Sunday, how do we get a link up to grow? Maybe I have to tweet as many people as I can find on the SW themed hashtags on Twitter and see who’s blogging about their journey. Oh well that’s one to go and muse over. Maybe during middle of the night Jaxon feeds.

Blog Every Day in August

It’s August and I’m joining a few of my blogger friends to blog every day this month, at least around here you’ll be able to find all my posts under BEDIA. Be sure to check out their blogs too.

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