Jumble Trail and Chilli Festival (BEDIA)

Wixams Jumble Trail


Following Church on Sunday we headed over to Wixams Village for the Wixams Jumble Trail. I’d heard about the Jumble Trail idea via one of my clients.

A couple of weeks back there was a Jumble Trail is the Black Tom area of Bedford which then prompted conversations about having other Jumble Trails around the town. This weekend just gone there was also one in the Castle Road area as well as the Wixams one. In about two weeks we’ll be having one in Goldington. I had suggested it on one of the local FB groups and before I knew it there was already one set up.

I signed up my stall as a way of selling off books, DVDs and baby clothes amongst other things. I’d got a rough idea when I booked my stall but once Chris had seen what other stalls were doing at the Wixams Jumble Trail he’s come away with a bunch of ideas about how to make our stall look pretty and other bits like that. I know one stall is doing really nice wood fired pizzas and another is possibly having teas and coffees (and it’s proper coffee not instant! Oh yeah!)

We got a set of zoo animal toys and a set of egg toys from two different stalls for Jaxon, Our Sidekick looked at phone case but decided that he didn’t want it, Chris also got a jar of Wild Plum, Lime and Vanilla Jam – definitely sounds interesting so will have to give that a go once he opens it. We also got a couple of cakes and biscuits that we ate on our way round – they kept us going! At The Resources Cupboard table we stuck some coloured squares onto the rainbow picture that they were making.

The Goldington and Putnoe Jumble Trail is on the 6th September and there’s still time to sign up here

On the way from Wixams we were coming down the Bypass and Chris saw a sign for the Chilli Festival at Frosts Willington. He had discussed going earlier in the week so when he was like “Let’s Go” I didn’t mind. The challenge was that Jaxon had pretty much only had some bits of biscuit for anything resembling lunch so we couldn’t be ages. There was all sorts of goodies on offer. I got my Dad a bottle of Fallen Angel Chilli Cyder (I’m not sure why it wasn’t Cider), I tried a bit and actually the sweetness of the beer outweighed any chilli spiciness – that’s the closest I’ll ever go to a Scotch Bonnet normally lol.

Scotch Bonnet Chilli Cyder


The guys from Edible Ornamentals were there again and I tried the Chilli Salted Caramel again (yep still very lovely but I imagine it’s rammed full of syns lol) and Chris tried the Blazing Bramley Chutney – I didn’t try that one so once he opens the jar I’ll give it a go. While we were at that stand Our Sidekick asked if he could buy a Ghost Chilli, that was the start of the fun for the rest of the afternoon.

Our Sidekick told his bestie that he’d got the chilli, so he came round with his video camera and they recorded another video for YouTube. It was hilarious, at one point Our Sidekick ran from the kitchen into the back garden then back into the kitchen then out around the green near our house – it was quite amusing although I think Our Sidekick was in a lot of pain. It certainly repeated on him when he burped during dinner and then again yesterday morning when he visited the loo! Oh dear! (If you want to see it you can find it on Kristian’s Channel)