BEDM2015: Currently…25th May

BEDM 2015: Blog Every Day in May

Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

We have internet so I had a bit of a mass catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. I knew a certain event happened anyway but it was just a case of catching up with the actual episodes. I started The Other Woman and now watching The Fault in Our Stars. I had been meaning to go and watch it at the cinema but it came out on the 19th June and I figured that if it was as upsetting as the book then that plus the pregnancy hormones would probably have me in an epic messy puddle on the floor.

Mainly articles and tweets. Some weeks seem to fly by with very little reading done. I also read some blogs posts.

If I make the effort to plan what happens on my blog do I get myself more organised or do I just get in a stress when it doesn’t happen that way? Also whereas my blog used to be a bit of a splurge and see it’s now settled into a pattern and maybe it’s time to shake it up – but how do I do that? What do I do?

Not a lot. I finished the diary pages and Jaxon’s Jumper is still piled in the corner. I should get back to it but so far have sort of lost the love. For now there are other bits to work on so I can always do them and come back to Jaxon’s Jumper.

This weekend wasn’t great – we had a picnic yesterday and it was really bad planning and decisions on my part. I guess they may sort of balance out against the whole doing ParkRun#3 thing but I’m sure I can only drag that out a certain number of times.

Working On:
Website for one of my clients. I want to try and get it launched sooner rather than later but the mobile version is really messed up at the moment so need to get working not that too.

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