Currently…26th October 2015

Currently - 26th October

This post was originally started using the Currently prompt from RUKristin. You can find that here. Have a good week!

Currently… Watching
I reached the end of Season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy and I had to skip the season finale because I knew it would make me cry. I’m on episode 7 of Season 6 while I wait for Season 12 to start here in the UK – I’ve seen clips on YouTube but haven’t seen more than that, it probably doesn’t start here until after Christmas which is super annoying lol. I’ve also been watching lots of YouTube videos by Ali and Anna again. They are both the kind of people that you’d like to hang out with for a coffee and talk planner loveliness.

Currently… Reading
I’ve been reading the odd bits of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo but haven’t entirely got into it yet. I think I might go back and read The Happiness Project again and see if that inspires me to get the house sorted again. Tidying around the house seems to be a never ending battle but I also know that there are books and other piles of clutter that could just be chucked (or donated to the charity shop) that haven’t been touched for ages and could go.

Currently… Making
I’ve been working on crochet squares for a project at the moment as well as working on my journal. I got an email last week to ask me if I could make another sheep like I did last Christmas, I’m sure I can do it just need to get my butt in gear lol. Ooh also need to remember to print off the pattern so I can go shopping for the wool.

Currently… Eating
It’s Chris’s turn on the food plan this week. Some days this week it was really hard, I’d get to the meal time and not want to cook what was on the menu. On Friday, I was considering calling for a pizza as Chris was due to go out. Fajitas were on the menu but I didn’t want to have to cook them. Chris took over and sorted the food which was really helpful while I sorted out Jaxon. The fajita kit we had this time instead of the normal stuff we use were much better so I think we’ll stick with that version if it sticks on the menu.