Slimming World Sunday #13

Slimming World Sunday

Hey there! It’s Sunday which means it’s Slimming World Sunday. Stephanie from Raising Emily and myself “resurrected” the idea and we’d love it if you could leave your link below.

If you’d like to join in the button and code is at the bottom along with the rules for the Link Up. For now here’s my post:


This week, I’ve noticed that my jeans keep falling down. This would generally be a pretty epic win but I stood on the scales at the Slimming World group only to see that I’d put on a pound, I think that could have been because I actually ate on weigh in day. It’s really hard – clearly I need to eat to be able to function and keep up with Jaxon but when it comes to then standing on the scales, I have to account for what I’ve eaten in weight terms not just what I’ve eaten syn wise.

I’n 99% sure that I should start keeping a food diary again and trying to keep my syns down. I often have Mug Shots for lunch. They are also handy to fish out the pasta from and give that to Jaxon as a light lunch (don’t worry he normally ends up having fruit, some kind of crisps and then some other bits along with it).

I want to get myself sorted out because I’m fed up of bouncing around the 2.5 stone lost line and not getting any closer to my goal. I’ve been walking more and more miles since the beginning of October since Chris started his new job and at first didn’t see any change. I think if I can get my eating back on plan properly the walking that I’m doing would probably have a greater effect on my weight loss. According to my Fitbit I’m on 91.92 miles from the 5th to the 23rd October (110.47 from the 1st to 23rd) this is slightly crazy when in the whole of September I did 115.39 miles. If I keep at this pace I could hit 150 by the end of October (that might have to be a challenge lol).

I think I am close to getting my Slimming World Gold Body Magic award – I keep meaning to sit down and write down my numbers from my FitBit log and see what I’ve achieved in terms of my Body Magic awards. I had my Silver before moving book at the beginning of 2015 and am pretty sure I’ve been close to my Gold Award only to mess it up have to start again.

How is your Slimming World journey going?

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  1. Leanne Cornelius says:

    Well done on the fact that your jeans are falling down! Don’t worry about the weight gain, it could well be that you are just turning that fat into muscle from all the walking that you are doing, which is definitely no bad thing!
    Keep it up and good luck reaching 150 miles!


    • Hannah says:

      That’s what I said to my Mum on Thursday when we left group – if I’d put on the weight they wouldn’t be as baggy as they are!

    • Hannah says:

      Definitely works for me especially with challenges against people from the ParkRun/FitBit group. Today for example I’m on 19k steps although technically it should be 21k as my Fitbit had a blip earlier and wiped 2.5k steps – genuinely could have cried right in the middle of town when they vanished.

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