Currently…29th June


Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

Feel like I’ve been watching lots of TV which isn’t so good but it’s really hard to get work done when Jaxon is awake. He’s been *obsessed* with my phone or my laptop when i try to get bits done so I either have to sit at Chris’s iMac so that I’m still in the living room but not at a level Jaxon can reach although I then feel kinda bad for facing the wall rather than facing into the room. TV programme wise I’ve been watching more Switched at Birth, I’m up to Season 4 so sort of had to slow down as Season 5 is probably ages away! Rich and I were discussing Game of Thrones earlier. I think I’m going to try Season 1 again but skip the remainder of Episode 1 and start with Episode 2. Then again at the same time I have plenty of programmes to be keeping up with. I really don’t need another!

I’ve been reading blog posts and news articles but haven’t been reading books at all. Today I read chunks about the history of the Byng family. Chris is somehow reacted to Admiral John Byng and so we spent a chunk of the weekend working on the family history side of things and also ended up visiting All Saints Church at Southill¬†where some of the Byng family are buried. I also added some more relatives to our sort of group family tree. Although it’s technically classed as Chris’s tree, with Jaxon being our son the tree starts from him and goes off in various directions. Turns out that I’m 1st cousins 1x removed via my sister in law to a lady at church who is like 1st cousins to my sister in law’s Mum or something like that. It is really fascinating to sort out out family history but I wish it was easier to do. Quite a few websites try to charge you a small fortune to try and find out about your history (is it me or is that a little unfair?)

Where I feel I stand regarding the SCOTUS ruling. Okay I get I’m here in the Uk and so it doesnt affect me in the same way but I still feel conflicted and not sure now to vocalise how I

Been working on the blanket some more. I received the first ball of wool, pattern and a new crochet hook from Little Lamb Wool which was super lovely of them. I then had to purchase extra balls. I found some on eBay where someone had bought extra balls for a project and then not used them all. It was quite handy but now I need to see if I can get some more as I think I will need some more for this blanket.

In progress blanket

Additional Wool for blanket

I’ve also got a second blanket on the go. It was an idea for one version a while back. Then I decided I wanted a full on large double bed size blanket that I could snuggle under on the sofa. It’s in progress and could take a while but I’m getting there.

Better! I honestly could have cried on Thursday when I stood in the scales. It was horrible. That’s 3.5lbs that I’ve put on in 2 weeks. I want for them to all be gone when I weigh in on Thursday. I’d like to be back on track so I can keep trying to get to target while I’m on holiday.

Working On:
Getting bits ready for Rukristin’s Find Your Voice Class. Very exciting. I guess we’ll have to see what I think.