Let Your Blog Shine: 30 Interesting Facts About Me

Let Your Blog Shine - June Prompts

Over on Facebook I’m part of a blogging group. On the Wednesdays of each month we have a group prompt that we’re all going to answer. This weeks’ prompt is…

30 Interesting Facts About Me

  1. Next year I will be 30. On my pre-30 list there are a whole bunch of goals that I haven’t achieved yet and probably won’t achieve in the next ten months. I think I need to rewrite with things I can achieve.
  2. I have been a foster carer for almost four years. I have been a bio-mum for almost a year.
  3. My favourite colour is probably racing green followed by Dairy Milk Purple.
  4. You know it’s an important event it I’m wearing a dress. It doesn’t happen very often. It comes by like a blue moon. June is going to have two blue moons. One was for a thanksgiving service, one is for a wedding.
  5. My two top love languages are words of encouragement and acts of service followed by thoughtful gifts.
  6. I can play more music instruments than I have fingers. I play with varying levels of skill. One of those instruments is the Piccolo. My favourite piece to play on the Piccolo was the Sailor’s Hornpipe. It’s from a piece of music called Fantasia on British  Sea Songs and is played on the Laat Night of the Proms.
  7. I love to babywear. Jaxon is heading toward 23lbs but I’m still going. We had a little bit of bed sharing when Jaxon was younger as I wasn’t always managing to stay awake through night feeds.  I did try cloth nappies but we surrendered on that front and went with disposables.
  8. I really hate CIO but sometimes there’s nothing I can do when Jaxon won’t surrender and sleep. He’s too nosey to the point that he ends up overtired and still won’t give up.
  9. I’m nearly thirty and I still love Disney. It can’t be helped.
  10. I still don’t quite know what I want to be when I grow up but I’m a Mum and that was one I’ve always wanted to do.
  11. I’m self employed and work around looking after Jaxon. Some days it works and other days it doesn’t. Right now it’s a mixed bag. (My company is called Daisy Media).
  12. Two of my friends at university were both called Hannah as well (well one was Hannah and the other was Hanna). They are both bloggers now too. Hannah is here at Little Golden Daffodil and Hanna is here at Mummy of All Trades.
  13. Growing up I hated PE. I loved dance and gym but hated netball, rounders and especially athletics. Now I am following #C25K and hoping to run a proper 5K race later in the year. I’m thinking of doing it for charity and have one in mind already.
  14. The charity I think I am going to run for is Ann Conroy Trust. They support people who have been diagnosed with Chiari or Syringmyelia. My bestie Hannah has been diagnosed with Chiari. You can read all about it on her blog.
  15. I have 11lbs to my target weight. Time to be extra focused and kick that bit off now.
  16. I am short sighted. I’ve worn glasses pretty much every day since I was 13ish. I wore contacts for my wedding and for a uni performance and that’s about it.
  17. I love crochet and knitting. I just love to be able to see something I’ve mad grow in front of my eyes. My current project is a Sirdar Crofter baby blanket. The pattern is here and I got the first ball of wall from Little Lamb Wools.
  18. I attend a church where in Bedford which I love.
  19. I’m blessed with a heap of friends. Some are closer geographically than others but we can be closer by hearts rather than geographically and still have great relationships.
  20. I am part of The Peony Project, Find Your Voice and Let Your Blog Shine. (I’m even an ambassador for Find Your Voice. As if I needed something else to do right now!)
  21. I love making lists. I just to. It makes me calmer when I can see what I need to do (probably explains why I am writing this at 2am on my phone….). I currently keep adapting my to do list to try and find a system that works.
  22. I graduated university 8 years ago with a 2.2 (I was about 4 marks off a 2.1 or something tiny like that). My cousin graduated this summer (she got a 1st oh yeah!)
  23. I love colour. Usually all at the same time. For a long time when the “if you were a wax crayon what colour would you be?” question came up, my response was black and sparkly because I couldn’t make up my mind because I liked them all.
  24. I have sort of wishful Wunderlust. You see there are heaps and heaps of places that I want to visit but have zero idea if I’ll make it to any. I’m currently looking forward to exploring the UK more. I’d like to do more day trips with just me and Jaxon to do the tourist thing around local places.
  25. I love Lego. When I was a kid I’d regularly try to “help” my brother when secretly I wanted to do it all myself.
  26. I asked for a box of Lego for Christmas one year. I was 21/22. Chris and I built a whole town of houses across the floor of our living room. Hopefully when Jaxon is older we can get away with doing it and keeping it out for days.
  27. I find genealogy fascinating. My Grandad has done heaps to research our side of the family, so that’s kind of already done to a certain degree. I figured out that I’m related to one of the ladies at church. It’s something like first cousins once removed via my sister in law. It’s a bit of a stretch but we are related by marriage. Chris and I are working on how Chris (and Jaxon are related to ) to Admiral John Byng who was related to Viscount  Torrington. Admiral John Byng has links to Southill which is a village outside of Bedford.
  28. I’m a stationery addict. I spent a couple of nights back on April drawing out a sort of diary. Now it’s June and I’ve already decided the system doesn’t work and I need a new diary. I think I’m going for a week to view as long as Sunday is big enough for all the church events!
  29. Next week we are off to Legoland. We were offered free tickets and we accepted. It’ll be Jaxon’s second trip to a theme park and he’s not even 1 yet.
  30. I love the song Layla by Eric Clapton. However it has to be the proper version with the guitar solo and piano solo. The acoustic version will pass but it’s all about those extra touches.