Currently…29th February

4-7This post was originally started using the Currently prompt from RUKristin. Have a good week!

I’ve been watching various shows this week. Have ended up watching lots of Disney films with Jaxon. We watched Up again this week. I do love Up but some bits of it are just so sad. Even though I know what happens one time I’d just like Ellie and Carl to get their happily ever after. 

Chris and I watched the next available episode of Elementary while Our Sidekick was out. It’s become a bit of a weekly occurrence for us to hang out and watch the next episode. I commented last week about Dr Charles Percy appearing in Scandal well this week the actress who plays Ellis Grey and Sally Langston in Scandal then showed by in this weekMs episode of Elementary. Chris wouldn’t have had a clue about who I was talking about so I didn’t mention it but her character was so different to both Sally and Ellis that at first I wasn’t sure it was her. I spent like 10 minutes of the episode on IMDb. 

I watched Call The Midwife while I finished sorting out the mess I made in the living room. I “shouted” quietly (if there’s such a thing!) that the husband needed to stop watching the storm and get help because his wife was proper poorly (and once again I diagnosed it!)

Still working on Marie Kondo’s book. I want to go back to reading fiction I often prefer it to non-fiction. The house tidying is still going ahead at some crazy pace (separate post might be needed!). Some days it’s tough and I can feel like Chris is getting on my case but other days it’s really good to see what’s been cleared and tidied. 


I’m currently listening to Ben Howard which is playing on my iPad in the nursery. Jaxon hasn’t been 100% this week and so it’s been comforting him I think. He used to have it on a lot more when he was maybe six months younger. I think he now wants it while he’s poorly. I’ve been listening to For King and Country and Rend Collective a lot while working and things like that. I was going to listen to them on the way to church yesterday morning but my phone wasn’t entirely agreeing with me and I was running late so I put on my running album so that I would focus on walking to church. 

I’m tired. I’ve been really rubbish about bed times so been trying to run on less than six hours of sleep a night. Must try harder!

I shared a blog post all about my Bullet Journal last week which was quite exciting – just need to figure out what to write about next time.

We also managed to get a short break booked which is really exciting.