Granny Hexagons

I recently joined a group on Facebook and we we were discussing what to do for a project. I shared that I am working on a project made of hexagons that are made up a bit like a granny square.

Granny Hexagon Blanket

In the conversation I offered to share how I make mine. It’s possible I read the pattern somewhere but these are the instructions I use to make my hexagons. 

I use a 4mm crochet hook along with double knit wool. I’m sure it will still work with finer or bulkier wool along with the correct size hook for the wool. 


Chain 4 and join with a SS to form a circle. 

Round One

Chain 3 (counts as tr), tr1 into centre, chain 2, *tr2 ch2* repeat * section x 4. Ch2 and join to top stitch in first chain. 

Round Two 

Ch3 (counts as tr), tr1 (into space at base of chain – shown by purple safety pin in below image). Tr2 into next ch2 space, ch2 tr2 (to form corner). Repeat in each ch2 space. In final space tr2 and ch2. Join with SS to top of ch3 from beginning of round. 

Round Three

Ch3 (counts as tr), tr1 (into space at base of chain. Same as previous round), tr3 into gap between the two tr2 clusters in previous round. Tr2 ch2 tr2 into ch2 space to create corner. After final corner ch2 and join with SS.

For my project I’ve been doing three rounds so I’ve finished here if you do want to go bigger I suggest changing the tr3 into a tr2 and keep the rest of the round the same.

This is the first time I’ve written out the pattern for this so if it doesn’t make sense please ask.