Currently…2nd November


Currently… image from rukristin

Strictly Come Dancing
NCIS: Los Angeles
Grey’s Anatomy
Doctor Who (Both new series and old Matt Smith episodes)
University Challenge
Criminal Minds

Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories. Yes I am a Whovian if you hadn’t already figured that one!

iTunes library on shuffle – currently listening to Fall Out Boy. Earlier I was listening to Elaine Page on Sunday’s.

Lots of crochet bits for a charity sale at church on the 23rd November. Am very excited about the affair.

I’m working on getting ideas down on paper ready for NaBloPoMo. Some die hards would say that I’m doing it wrong by planning ideas in advance but I think I need to do it to make sure I’m ticking the boxes as the month goes. Especially if I’m going to be trying to comment on others too as I go.

Snuggles with Jaxon – will I ever stop loving them? I’m currently not loving the fact that he’s poorly. We spent some of the morning in the drop in clinic where they said he had a viral infection but they couldn’t give him anything for it. He was worse after church so we went to BEDOC and we were seen by another doctor who said it was viral and could be bronchiolitis. She prescribed Jaxon an inhaler and I dashed to the supermarket to get the prescription filled. I’m also loving my fluffy slippers – I need to see if I can send them through the washing machine as I don’t think they’ve been washed recently and I think they are showing it now!

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