Tuesday in Five

Tuesday in Five

1. Today didn’t go to plan. But somehow it worked out anyway. It started with me having to wake Jaxon. He’d slept 11 hours and not woke for a feed. Before you’re like “oh my gosh I wish that was my kid” listen to what followed. I woke Jaxon at 7:30 to give him a feed. By 8am he was breathing fast and shallow even though I’d given him the inhaler we were prescribed on Sunday. The short version is we ended up at the doctors who prescribed us different inhalers and another medicine.

2. Following that I went to a meeting about some social media bits. I’d been recommended to another business in the building my Mum works in part of the week so I’d been off to chat to that business too. All very exciting.

3. I came home and Jaxon slept for another hour and a half or so, so I did things like design business cards and tidy the living room.

4. Following school the independent Advocate chappy came to meet Our Sidekick. Then we went to the college to look at Further Education options for him too. It was interesting but I think Our Sidekick had sort of already made a decision.

5. We went to Knitting at Pensieri this evening. Was lovely to see Judit and the others. Two of Mum’s friends who usually come with us weren’t able too as one is poorly at the moment and something came up for the other one. Hopefully we will see them soon.

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