Currently…31st August

Currently 31st August

Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

Not a lot. Our internet connection has been cancelled by our ISP although they couldn’t tell us why. This means we have Freeview for TV viewing and some of it’s not all that good. Yesterday for example we ended up on a Police Interceptors marathon followed by the end of Great British Bake Off and Songs of Praise. I suppose at least with it being a Bank Holiday someone must be showing The Great Escape. 

Blogs! Although a bunch of the challengers did drop out in the end I’ve been trying to keep up with their blogs anyway and comment where possible! I’m sure they will still love the comment love. 

Not so much making going on but have been journalling more which totally counts doesn’t it?

I’ve been trying to be good but it hasn’t always worked. Thankfully I’ve had Chris to keep me in line when I’m really unmotivated. Yesterday we had cheese and biscuits and whereas I was going to just take a knife to the cheese, he got the scales out and the Slimming World book and worked out how many grams of cheese I could have and how many syns it would be. What a superstar! 

At the wedding on Saturday, it was really hard to make good choices as it really wasn’t Slimming World friendly. I did do my best to be good the rest of the day though. 

Working On
My YouTube channel. I had been meaning to restart vlogging but hasn’t really got into it and then did. I’ve gained like 4 subscribers in the last couple of days which is crazy! Next video is recorded but I think my phone ate it. 

Blog Every Day in August

Good Morning! It’s August and I’m joining a few of my blogger friends to blog every day this month, at least around here you’ll be able to find all my posts under BEDIA. Be sure to check out their blogs too.

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