Slimming World Sunday #5

Slimming World Sunday

Hey there! It’s Sunday which means it’s Slimming World Sunday. Stephanie from Raising Emily and myself “resurrected” the idea and this is our second week.

If you’d like to join in the button and code is at the bottom along with the rules for the Link Up. For now here’s my post:

This week had it’s hurdles. Although I’d started the week feeling super positive I spent most of the week feeling under the weather in one way or another (part of why I’m writing this at nearly midnight on Saturday)

I wasn’t 100% on plan this week and it kind of showed. I stood on the scales to half a pound gain which actually given how I felt was a small miracle! I thought I’d put on the weight I’d lost the week before.

It didn’t get much better since Thursday. We went out for lunch on Friday and lunch was a mixture of choices. I had jacket potato which was good but on the top I had BBQ chicken with bacon and cheese and then today we were at a wedding this evening so you had to go with what was on the menu kind of thing.

I’m drawing a line and starting again today. There might be a biscuit or two on the horizon on Wednesday but I think that’ll be only if I’ve done the majority between now and then on plan.

How’s your week been? Please share your link (direct link please not a general one to your blog. Thanks)

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    • Hannah says:

      I think it is the weather, when it’s warm you feel more positive and like you can achieve your goals but when it’s colder you want to snuggle up and eat comfort food like stews and casseroles. I’m determined to get this sorted because I’m fed up of bobbing around but not getting further.

  1. Hannah says:

    Hello! Welcome! I weigh in on a Thursday so don’t worry about that! Draw that line and start again. It’s all good! You can do it!

    • Hannah says:

      If you have any questions just shout. If I don’t know the answer I have a huddle of blogger friends who I’m sure will know the answer or where to find it!

  2. Leanne Cornelius says:

    If we didn’t treat ourselves now & again we would go mad, I had coffee & cake when we were out yesterday and buffet food & birthday cake on Sunday – needless to say I’m dreading weigh in tomorrow!


    • Hannah says:

      Hey Leanne! Yeah I agree, a treat once in a while is fine but it’s when it’s lots of treats all in one go and then you feel rubbish like you’ve failed. I went to a wedding on Saturday so ended up on buffet food which was lovely food but probably wasn’t so good for my waist line lol. However I maintained when I weighed in today (Thursday 3rd) which was good. So drawing a line and starting again on this week.

  3. Mandy Walsh (@RTR_Blog) says:

    My week sounds a bit like yours was, I fell of the wagon twice and was astounded at a 3lb loss. You have to have a treat every now and then though

    • Hannah says:

      3lb loss – good effort!! If I probably focus and go to as few syns as possible I can probably reach 3lbs off. My best was when we were on holiday and I think I did like 3.5lbs in a fortnight when I’d been on holiday – it was kind of mean, we sat on the sea front at Blackpool, my boys both had fish and chips and I had a equivalent of a mug shot from the supermarket. I think I stole one chip in the end so I didn’t feel left out lol.

  4. Stacey Guilliatt (Nobody Said It Was Easy) says:

    Sorry I’m way late in commenting! I think we all have those weeks – I certainly am at the minute – but the best thing to do is draw a line under it and start afresh x

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