Currently: 4th April

Currently - 4th April

Watching: After chatting to the ALP Creative Ladies I’ve been watching Jane The Virgin on Netflix. I think if you like Ugly Betty you’d like it. It also had a real telenovella vibe! I’ve also been binge-watching Doctor Who episodes. I’ve just got up to Peter Capaldi taking over from Matt Smith – although it was a little unexpected because the regeneration is part of a special rather than the normal episodes so Netflix has got them listed in the wrong order.

Reading: For Christmas or my Birthday I was given the books in The Chronicles of Brothers series. I had started book one (The Fall of Lucifer) but never actually got further than the first few pages, with my birthday coming I thought I really ought to make sure that I’d cleared some more of my TBR pile – it was a little late to leave it though!

Listening: I’ve been listening to lots of For King and Country and often whatever is playing on UCB when we have the radio on. In the car I often have Spotify playing so I just look up whatever I fancy and put that on.

Making: I have been plotting and planning a blanket for Jaxon but it’s still not happening so I made a spewed where to figure out what I needd to do.  

Feeling: excited but worried. Jaxon sleeps in his toddler bed tonight for the first time. Got to go toddler bedding shopping. Hopefully it’s easier than it was shopping online last night. 

Planning: things I need to get done this week. Feels like a storm is brewing and I need to get focused to stay in control. 

Loving: The Crave album by For King and Country.