Creative Bedfordshire Conference 2016

I’ve been trying to write this post since the conference and it’s not really been happening.

On the 4th March, my Dad was on Jaxon duty while Mum and I went to the Creative Bedfordshire Conference. It was in the Gateway Building at the University of Bedfordshire’s Polhill Campus here in Bedford.

When I was at DMU Bedford (that became UOB in 2006), the Gateway building didn’t exist and the Chaplaincy building stood in it’s place.

The morning didn’t exactly start on the right foot. Jaxon decided he wanted to play with his toys rather than get ready to go see Grandpa. This meant getting him dressed took twice as long and even then the dungarees I was going to put him in were then too small and I had to find him different trousers to wear. Then just as we were almost ready to leave the house I remembered that I hadn’t got the travel cot out from the Summerhouse. So I dashed down the garden and then we headed off. After all the panic I arrived at Mum’s with 10/15 minutes to spare.

One very stuffed buggy

Between what I needed for the day and what Dad needed for looking after Jaxon it looks like the buggy might collapse or tip over with the slightest misjudgement. Also Jaxon looked like he was moving in for a week not just a day!

Both myself and my Mum had a lovely time. I think in both cases we came away with things to think about with regards to our own businesses. 

Were you there? Did you enjoy it?