Currently – 4th July


With Netflix adding Gilmore Girls to their playlist on Friday, it was a bit addictive and by Friday evening I’d some how already made it to episode 6 (Admittedly I had purchased episode 1 on about Wednesday from iTunes as I was getting a little impatient!)


This week I’ve been reading Kirsten’s eBook Email Lists Made Easy for Writers and Bloggers, to start one or not to start one, they have their uses but do I need one – hopefully the book will inspire me.


Music wise I’ve pretty much been wearing a hole in my copy of Ali Brown’s new EP called True Food. (iTunes) I keep playing “I’ve Got A River of Life” rather loud – sometimes including some level of dancing. One day it involved being parked at the traffic lights outside the local university campus and dancing like mad until the lights changed.


Still working on my secret project – I’ve resorted to carrying it round in a large carrier bag rather than the normal fabric bag just because it’s easier. I need to get a pedal on – think I might have to go mad and crochet all the little shapes and then hand them over to my Mum and get her to sew them together while I keep crocheting some more.


It’s been a mixed week, there was a bit of last week that made me cry – and like ugly cry in the middle of Jaxon’s bathtime! Poor boy just didn’t understand, so after looking at me really puzzled he reached his dripping hand over my head and put one of his rubber ducks on my head then when I looked up he attempted to feed the rubber duck to me. I’m sure I should be worried that I was upset and he was feeding me… Following Community Group and then catching up with another friend on Friday I felt heaps better – then we were off to go out for dinner for my brother’s birthday in Saturday so it was all a big crazy!


Having debated it for a while I’m working on a redesign of my blog and taking it in a new direction – I’m not quite sure when it’s going to go down but it’s going to happen soon.



The weather! On Friday the sun actually shone. Jaxon and I spent some time in the park and he didn’t want to come home – I prefer the park closer to our house because he can get on and play while doing bits and not worry that he’s out of my sight line but at Russell Park it’s a bigger park area and the gates don’t bolt closed like the ones at the park closer to our house.

Oh and by the way to my US friends – Happy Independence Day everyone!!

What have you been upto currently? Have you been watching or reading anything in particular?

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