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Criminal Minds (Season 7 and 8)
Doctor Who (Starting with the Christopher Eccleston episodes)
How I Met Your Mother (Final season)
Grey’s Anatomy

Could Garcia get any cooler?!?!?

Criminal Minds meets Doctor Who

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

McFly, Queen, Freddie Mercury/Montserrat Caballe

Working on the stripy blanket. Now on green – still a heap to go.

#row19 #ABeautifulMess

Achy. I think I’m well and truly running out of room between my hips and ribs. Lying down in front of the TV seems the best option some days but then I doze off by mistake and then struggle to sleep later in the evening/night.

My hospital bag is near enough done and working on finishing Chris’s. Then again my mum said I should get him to pack it while he’s off work.

I think it comes under planning. As part of the World Cup publicity The Sun newspaper sent out publicity copies in the mail – well like a lot of people it was unsolicited and not wanted. So I stuck ours in an envelope and put it back in the mail…

Ours arrived today instead and will be going back today too. #justiceforthe96 #childseyes #notfamilyfriendly

Added to the outside of the envelope. #nomorepage3 #notfamilyfriendly #justiceforthe96 #jft96

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