Currently…9th and 16th May 


Prompts are from RUKristin.

I got as far as starting a post for last week but it got lost in the ether and don’t get finished. So here we go double currently…(there are kind of spoilers so be warned!!)


9th: With the weather being so much better this last week I’ve been trying to watch less TV. Where possible we’ve been out for walks or out playing in the garden. In the evenings I have been watching some bits.

Scandal – I really want David and Susan to be happy but I know that it’s all going to get “dark and twisty” because that’s what Shonda does haha. You see a happy ending on the horizon and then she shakes it all up again by throwing a curve ball.

Grey’s Anatomy – well I’m pleased that April and Jackson bonded over the baby kicking I’m not sure the happiness is going to last. Also, Callie is going to get a nasty shock when she finds out about Arizona fighting for custody of their daughter (oh what’s her name?? I’ve completely blanked on that one!)

16th: Well Scandal got better only to get worse again. Genuinely thought Susan was going to get a proper happy ending. Shonda you did it again!!

Scorpion – ooh all sorts going on. Had a proper catch up as I had got about three episodes behind. Yes more binge watching!


Last week I started and finished Bear Grylls’ autobiography. It was very interesting. There’s all about his SAS training and the crazy challenges they had to do. One bit was that they had to carry their rucksacks and run miles and miles but if your pack was found to be too light you would have extra weight to carry. I joked they this would be like carrying Jaxon in a rucksack on my back and doing ParkRun. I could wear him in the carrier on my back and walk Parkrun but I wouldn’t be able to run it.

I’ve had a copy of The Miracle Morning since Planner Con when one of the lovely ladies sent it on to me. I’ve started it but stalled a little bit. I will get back into it.

My friend Jenny who has just ran the London Marathon (oh yes super proud here!) gave me a book called Run Yourself Fit. I’ve found since doing ParkRun more regularly and intentionally trying to do more exercise each week, I’ve been either putting on weight or maintaining when I go to Slimming World to weigh in. Now it’s possible that it’s because I’m measuring muscle rather than fat and I think I have lost inches even if not pounds. I’m hoping that it will sort of balances it’s way out as I am beginning to like running at ParkRun. I even volunteered this weekend.


I have this growing love for #ThrowbackThursday playlist on Spotify – sometimes the adverts are a bit annoying and you can’t skip more than four or five songs but it beats the usual mix I listen to. As I write this post I’m listening to Moulin Rouge for the first time in ages. I love Complainte de la Butte by Rufus Wainwright – brings back memories of Chris getting me to climb the steps up to the Sacre Coeur in Paris. He made me climb the steps rather than take the hillside railway even though I had a chest infection! So mean lol. Okay so I went to find the post to link to it – we went to Paris, six years ago!! That’s crazy! Then again Amsterdam was 9 years ago.

The Steps to Sacre Coeur

I am on the verge of completing a project for a new baby/Lucy of Mrs Bishop’s Bakes and Banter. Baby is due imminently I believe so need to get a pedal on just in case baby decides that it would really like to be a May baby and come a little early. I really hope it’s liked.

(EDIT: present delivered but forgot to take a picture of the final product and when it was wrapped up. It was wrapped in brown paper tied up with string – hopefully, Lucy gets the reference – Chris came up with that one. What a clever man!)

I’ve been working on “reworking” an old journal and adding in pictures and maps where I can. Hopefully, now my journal is a little more compact I’ll be able to take it with me and write straight into it rather than saving things until I get home. I’ve been adding in lots of photos that I took on my phone but hadn’t printed.


Feeling. All sorts of muddle-ness. I feel on a bit of high from finishing ParkRun with a slightly faster time than normal (and in fact it was my faster time of 2016) but also I’m gaining a cold which is rubbish.

(EDIT: I’m actually having to skip ParkRun this weekend coming. My cough nearly made me throw up and Chris told me off and that I needed to take it easier).


More ideas for stickers. Could it be a new string to Daisy Media’s bow? I’m not sure but we’ll see. I’ll stick with my own little collection and sending out to my pen pals for now.


The weather. It’s been a little changeable but it has been dry which has meant we’ve still been able to go out and joy be trapped inside.


Yep that’s a special one for this week. Chris and I are celebrating nine years of marriage this week. We went to Beefeater at Priory Marina for dinner then for a bit of a walk. We spotted some bats which was very cool. There was also this beautiful view across the lake.

What have you been up to Currently? 

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