The One with The Custom Sock Monkies

Custom Sock Monkies

Originally uploaded by dustinhenderlong

I love Sock Monkies!!!!!

I would really appreciate my own but I need more practice at sewing!!!

EDIT: Okay so I think there may have been a little misunderstanding with my posting earlier – I didn’t make these Sock Monkies – they are lovely however.

I would like to make some sock monkies of my own (I would have a whole sock monkie family I think!) but I need to improve my sewing and also find a pattern to be able to do it!

I think the monkies were made either by the person who took the photo or were given to the person who took the photo -if you click the link to the right then you will be re-directed to Flickr and there will be more info about the sock monkies – sorry for the misunderstandings 🙂


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