The One with Lots of Packing


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It’s Saturday, a week today we will be moving house – then again we might even be moved already, also then again I might not know whether I’ve been moved or not.

I won a trip to Butlins thanks to the lovely people at FuelMyBlog. I was given the option to pick when I wanted to go – so me and CJ decided on the 26th -29th June – which wasn’t a problem. On the original plan we were going to move and it wouldn’t be a problem.


The lady who was due to be moving out of the house that we are moving to couldn’t move out two weeks ago because the bathroom ceiling collapsed in the house she was moving too and so she couldn’t go – she had to extend for two weeks which means she’s moving today – this meant that we were pushed back as well.

So our letting agents confirmed that we can move next weekend (apparently we were always moving on the 27th June but it’s a bunch of junk which is a whole different story)

Anyway so I am packing CJ has deadlines and a youth event to help at and I am fed up of cardboard and tape and dust (The dust is actually getting to me lol – I keep coughing – it’s not good!)

I’m supposed to be going back to my Mum’s to pick up some bits but at the moment I am carless because CJ has borrowed it to go to the youth event that wasn’t supposed to be that long.

I want some fairies to come and help me pack please…………nicely……


  1. David says:

    HEY just think, next weekend you get the weekend at Butlins then when you come home it will be to your new home! and that will be fab!

    So, not long before its all over and your moved house then its to the next job of unpacking everything! OH and they do say its one of the most stresful experiences you can have, alongside divorce and bereavement so dont be too surprised if its all a bit too much at times.

    I seem to recal that CJ managed to get out of most of the packing, one way and another, when you moved to where you are now too!

    Anyhow, dont be too hard on yourself and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

    Take Care

    David xx

  2. Liggy says:

    Well at least you knew where the camera was! And the computer! We haven’t moved since we bought our house five years ago, but the computer was always the last thing packed. Well, it wasn’t really packed…it was brought separately in our car while everything else were in boxes in the truck. lol!

    Anyway, you’ll be relieved once the moving is over. Have a good one!
    .-= Liggy´s last blog ..New Moon Posters featuring the Wolf Pack =-.

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