Day 1 (Jan 1st)

Something you’re looking forward to this year.

Well hopefully fingers crossed we are going to Italy later this year which is really exciting. I’ve wanted to go to Italy since I started learning Italian when I was at Upper School.

I’ve been to France and Turkey (and briefly through Germany) but there is something about Italy. I want to go to Verona and go to Casa di Guilietta, and go to Pisa and stand next to the Tower of Pisa. Yeah okay so I want to do the tourist thing but I want to talk Italian to Italians and eat Italian food. As you can tell I’m super excited and really really hope that it happens lol.

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  1. Rickie says:

    Hannah you will love Italy and they will love you! Verona is waiting for you – I checked!

    I’m thinking of doing a girls long weekend this year to Venice. I’ve been there before but didn’t get there on this last trip. I want to Garda instead as I knew some of my mates would probably want to come to Venice with me. We met today and 2 that I really wanted to come have said yes so now it’s a matter of organising it.

    Really hope you go for it.

    • Hannie says:

      Fingers crossed we’re going! Well at least to Italy I don’t think Verona is on the tour thingy. I wanted to fly into somewhere near the top and then travel down the country towards Rome. However my housemate has been looking at a package deal that goes the other way and does Rome, Naples, Venice and somewhere else. Aah well we’ll see if it’s anything like Barcelona I’ll get back be completely in love and want to go back again ASAP.

      A long weekend in Venice would be lovely! I know it’s kinda funny in Venice that you can be walking down an alley and then it just stops and you’re at a canal lol.

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