Photo Dump

Been taking lots of photos with my phone over the last few weeks so here are some of them.

The Sofa

This is what the sofa looks like at the moment, I am in the process of tidying at the moment I promise!

Me and Betjeman

On Tuesday we took our friend for a bit of a tour round London. First up we looked at the sculptures in St Pancras Station. This is me stood next to the statue of Betjeman. When Caz snapped this picture I was talking to Chris about who Betjeman was.

Piccadilly Circus

Later in the day we went to Piccadilly Circus and I snapped this picture on my phone – it came up really dark as the flash wasn’t working but something about it works anyway.

Goth Telephone Box.

We were on a wander to find some lunch and found this telephone box. Now normal telephone boxes are red and in Hull you get cream ones (I think – this is because they are operated by Kingston Communications rather than BT)

Tower Bridge from London Bridge

The images are kinda coming out in a muddled up order but it’s all the same trip. This was taken from London Bridge looking towards Tower Bridge – in the background you could see Canary Wharf but it’s not very clear in the picture because of how foggy it was on Tuesday.


Looking up at Tower Bridge – this was the first time (or at least the time I remember) of crossing the bridge.


The Tower of London from the square outside the Tube Station. Both me and Bex were like huh? But it’s not like what we thought it looks like but having looked at the picture and read a little about it I’ve worked out why. In films and stuff like that when the monarch (Or ex-monarch) is sent to the Tower of London then it’s the correct building to when the film is set. So there in the middle of the image is the four towers of the White Tower which is correct for about Henry VIII’s time – yes we had a history lesson while we were there And it was fun!

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    • Hannie says:

      I have a love/hate relationship with London. On one hand I love the craziness and the business of being in London but everytime I go I come away feeling really tired lol. Like someone knocked the wind out of my sails. I tried walking through the tube slowly once and it just doesn’t work.

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