Day 10 (Jan 10th)

Something at which you’ve been a champion or the best.

When I was at school I hated sports. I love trampolining and dance but hated Netball and Rounders and the other sports that we had to play through out the year. It was kinda cool when I got to upper school and did Rugby, except we only did it once – I think the PE staff decided that the girls couldn’t really do Rugby. I loved trampolining but for ages I couldn’t get past a front drop – it was just too scary bouncing with my face so close to the mat lol.

Anyway Music was kinda my thing. I played in the band, the orchestra, the choir and things like that and we took part in festivals and things like that but I was never the best. There were definitely other people in my group that were clearly better than me but I made up the numbers lol. A loved singing in the choir and in the smaller choir (it had a proper name but I can’t remember and FB friends aren’t coming to my rescue lol)

General knowledge was more my thing as well – when I was at university I tried out for the University Challenge team but I was trying to put my entries by email and my internet kept cutting out so I didn’t make it 🙁 So playing along with the TV is about how close I will get to being on University Challenge. Then again maybe I should try for Mastermind or Eggheads lol.

Prompts from Something For When You’re Bored.

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