Day 1096 (May 12th)

I’m working my way backwards now from that first post.

At Lunchtime the car broke down and wouldn’t start. I phoned you in a bit of a flap, you were really understand even though I was stressed and a bit upset. I managed to get the car to start, I got back to work and after speaking to my Manager (he was going to come and rescue me!) I called you. I guess a mixture of relieve and stress again but I burst into tears while I was on the phone to you, again you were understanding even when I started being mean and blaming you for the car being broken – it wasn’t your fault and wasn’t anything you could fix from there but I was annoyed and was mean. 🙁

I went back to work and got with stuff – I didn’t really want to be there – I wanted to come and apologise for being a meany but I couldn’t.

After work I came to church to meet you before going out for tea – you were winding up the young people before sending them home. You had set them like a time trial to see how fast they could tidy up (You mentioned something about how I was going to be there at 6:30 and you needed to be ready to go lol)

We went out for dinner at Harvester. You nearly always comment about how it’s a bit cookie cutter in that it fits with the brand etc but this time you didn’t lol. We sat and read the chapter of S.H.A.P.E that we were going to be discussing at house group. I then came up with the idea of going to the cinema or home to watch a DVD. You then said about how you had a to-do list as long as a small country, I wasn’t really sure what I could help with but I offered to do what I could so in a compromise of my plan and your to-do list, you walked home while I went to church to get your bits and then when I got home we watched Planet Earth for about an half an hour then set about working on the to do list.

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