Day 1097

Yesterday we celebrated 3 years of marriage and something came to me today while I was at work – I love writing about our adventures and things like that but I wish I wrote to you more – I tend to write letters when I’m upset or irritated but I rarely write just to say Hi or something. So this is what this is all about lol. Technically this is the first post but I am going to work backwards as well so that there are days between 1 and 1097 lol. It’s going to be a little challenging but I like challenges – at least sometimes I do lol.

So today is day 1097 or as I was told on the website I looked at 3 years and 1 day.

Today is a normal day for me, going to work and coming home, you’ve got the adventure today as you’re going to look at a new-to-us car with your Dad. I’m kinda excited because you come back with it today but also I think that the guy at the other end might want to wait a few days then let us have it. Today would be more helpful rather than another road trip to Leicestershire but we can sort that out if we need to do it. For now I have things to do so I’m off ttfn.

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