Day 11: The Emo Lemon turns 18

CJ was still working on his dissertation today so I ended up going to Mum’s house again. We sat around and watched lots of TV but while we were watching TV I did lots of cross stitch – I’ve kinda got addicted to it!!! I like doing the little bits and making cards and stuff but I would like a big kit that is like a proper picture like a tapestry or something like that.

Me, Mum and Dad watched Gardeners World this afternoon then we went to the garden centre as we were all inspired to get on with planting some seeds for my garden that we might have at the new house.

In the evening we headed to the Emo Lemon’s birthday party as he turned 18. There was a hog roast for tea and it was awesome! Unfortunately we missed pudding though 🙁 The Emo Lemon’s Dad gave a speech then made him do a speech as well. There was birthday cake but it was chocolate so I can’t eat my slice until tomorrow.

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