DAY 12: Easter!

So today is Easter – there was so much happening today!

The church service this morning was good, it was an all age service but there were no kids worship songs – it’s kinda annoying for an all age service but there you go. I spent most of the talk doing colouring and doing puzzles with the kids – my favourite place lol much better than sitting listening – I’m the kind of person who likes to do two things at once anyway like doodling in lectures and stuff like that.

Lunch was good fun. Dave and Chris nipped over to Kempston to collect some bits for various games that we would play after lunch. They vanished for a little while and Caz got a little worried about where they were in case they missed the food. While we were waiting for the food to be ready we played like a guess who game.

You have a label stuck to your back with the name of a person or a character on it. I ended up with Mickey Mouse – I then had to find my partner. My partner was my friend’s younger brother who had the label of Minnie Mouse.

Lunch was awesome. Chris kept stropping about the seating arrangements. I parked myself at one end and Chris ended up at the other end as there wasn’t any spaces this annoyed him as he wanted to sit next to me and hang out. In the end he moved the chairs round and parked next to me even though there wasn’t really space.

Q taught us an interesting version of grace which was cool – I can’t remember it all now but it was singing rather than just saying grace – I should have written it down before DOH!

Anyhoo after lunch we played various different games including the leaky pipe which was really good but I got totally drenched through! 

It was great fun but I wish I’d been warned so that I had a change of clothes with me! I was able to borrow some clothes from Caz but I am a little chunkier than her and so the pair of trousers I borrowed didn’t really fit thankfully because I borrowed a dress to wear over the trousers it covered the waist band so you couldn’t see the fact that the trousers weren’t really done up properly lol.

After we got changed and got back to church Abi and Esther were watching Charlie and Lola while the Egg Hunt was set up throughout the rest of the church building. 

Unfortunately our team didn’t come first but we tried really hard to keep out with the winning team but there were a couple of hiccups along the way. 

It was decided that there would be an impromptu youth meeting in the evening so we ended up watching a DVD at Caz’s house. We watched Finding Nemo which was really cool as I haven’t watched it in a while. There was trifle left over from lunch so even though I felt really meh about not being able to fit into the clothes earlier in the day I managed to polish off two helpings (seeing as I hadn’t had any tea I thought it would be okay lol) 

Between tidying up at church and the youth meeting, Joel and I just hung out and played Lego Star Wars on the XBox – he’s getting so good at it! It’s really cool! There was a pod race and he was struggling with it so I did one lap and we managed to get him caught up towards the front as a team effort! 

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