Day 12 (Jan 12th)

Something you hope to change about yourself and why.

My weight.

I was ill for most of December and because I’d lost my appetite I was eating minimal – two days in particular I had a cup-a-soup and a couple of slices of bread and that was it for the whole day. I was drinking buckets of water as well. I lost around 3-4kg. When it got to Christmas I didn’t eat very much – I had Christmas dinner but didn’t eat as much as I normally do.

I’m kinda back to normal now on the eating front but I am still feeling full after half a portion rather than a whole portion, so I’m kinda trying to use this lack of eating to my advantage by eating till I’m not hungry rather than eating till I’m stuffed. This seems to have worked so far as I’ve gone down two belt holes and my UK Size 16 jeans fall down with a belt somedays lol. (I weighted myself on Saturday and it was looking positive)

Now before you start panicking and worrying that I have an ED or that I’m starving myself, I’m don’t and I’m not. Chris can confirm this as he’s had three meals with me since Saturday and I did eat quite alot at each of them – Maybe I should do some exercise when I get home lol. Kidding!

Anyway so my weight is something I would change – just lose a bit and feel more comfy. That’s it – I won’t mention it again at least for the time being but I might update you when I hit my target 🙂

P.S. Bloggers Wednesday will be making a come back next week 🙂

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