Hannie’s Public Transport Adventures

I leave for work around 25 to 9 normally (sometimes it’s closer to 8:45 but please give me the benefit of the doubt lol.) Chris is away for a few days with the car so I’ve got to take public transport to get to and from work, and anywhere else I need to go to in the next few days.

I wouldn’t be too bothered but I wasn’t feeling great and being stuck on a stuffy crammed bus wasn’t my idea of fun. I walked from my house to the bus stop and one of the corners had this massive puddle so I was trying to walk round it and avoid the cars which were splashing through the puddle. A boy who was maybe 6 or 7 was behind me and he shouted excuse me but I didn’t hear him over the traffic. I then heard a bell and turned round to see what it was and then apologised. As his Mum (who was cycling on the pavement – which I am pretty sure is against the law but could be wrong – link) rode past me she got shirty and replied to my apology with “He DID say excuse me”. Fine okay I wasn’t going to get bothered about it – I was more worried about being late and getting the right ticket (Megarider that covers for 7 days rather than the normal Day Rider) so I crossed over to the bus stop and took up my place in the queue.

(Unfortunately I don’t get to take a Red London Bus to work but this is cooler than our buses lol.)

The first bus was pretty packed with people heading into town. The driver was really grumpy especially when I asked for my ticket rather than a normal day pass or one way ticket. I found a seat and sat down. I’d got my phone playing music so I was just that. We got towards town and the girl next to me started fidgeting so I took my headphone out and asked was it her stop. She said no, and then somehow we ended up having a conversation most of the way into town – she’d got a new phone so was talking about that also the fact that her jacket had a hole in the pocket so her phone kept falling through the hole and ending up at the bottom of the lining. As we headed into town the bus got stuck in traffic so I texted The Big Cheese to give him the heads up that I was going to be late and that I was very very sorry.

I got off the bus to change for the one going toward work and as I turned round realised that the one that I’d just got from my house to town was now covering the route from town to work. So I joined the back of the queue and got on the bus again. Because I was in the middle of the queue I ended up sitting near the back.
The lady sat next to me was getting off at the stop before so I followed her along the bus so that I was closer to the front by the time the bus got to my stop. I was at work by 7 minutes to 9 – into the office for 8:58 – get in! Unfortunately The Big Cheese wasn’t here to witness the craziness lol.

So grrr to the grumpy driver and grr to the grumpy lady but yay! Hi five to the girl on the first bus and yay hi five to being on time for work.

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    • Hannie says:

      It got worse yesterday. I was on my way home and I was at the bus stop about to get on the bus and the driver shut the door in my face and drove off. It was so rude. I went to make a complaint but the information shop thing was closed so I need to email them.

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