Day 1230 (23rd Sept)

Birthday Cake Cupcake

Today is Mini Fairy’s Birthday. She’s 3. She kept talking about how she wanted cake, but she kept being told that she couldn’t have any until we finished dinner – how is that when she’s being so naughty she’s still so cute?! On the wall in the kitchen at Mini Fairy’s house there is a massive world map with postcards that family members have sent home so that Mini Fairy (and Mummy Fairy!) can practice geography. I wish I travelled more so that I could fill the wall with postcards for her lol. Maybe I need to request that my Twitter Friends around mail me postcards to send onto Mini Fairy lol.

Mini Fairy was given a “My First Camera” for her birthday, she hasn’t quite worked out not to fidget while taking the picture – how many times did we end up with pictures of our feet, the cardboard box or the ceiling lol. It was fun though – especially when I was nearly blinded lol.

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