My 30 Days – Day 30

My Thirty Days

I may need a PA all of my own lol.

As I flick through my diary I realise how crazy life is in the next few weeks.

  • I’m going to see Kt Tunstall in concert with my best friend – which is one of my 101 in 1001 days challenges – so that can be ticked off the list!
  • (If Mum manages to book the tickets then) I’m going to see the Les Mis 25th Anniversary Satellite broadcast to a local cinema with my Mum and The Kiwi (I’ve had Les Mis songs stuck in my head all day – I stood next to the photocopier singing Master of the House)

EDIT: No to the tickets 🙁 the website kept crashing so I tried at lunchtime and it crashed Chrome on my laptop at home – when I tried again when I got back to work the website had updated and there were no tickets left L there was like 1 seat two rows in front of where we were trying to get but that’s kinda sold out because we needed three tickets.

  • We’re going to Chris’s aunt’s house for the weekend, the weekend after that I’m going up North to see my other best friend at her new uni house. She’s going back to uni to do a PGCE or something similar so she’ll be a fab teacher next year.
  • Also I’m going for pizza and a cinema trip with JD at some point in October – yeah it’s that crazy that I’m booking like two weeks in advance – does that make me a pants friend?
  • Tomorrow is my Goddaughters Birthday and I really hope she likes her present – I went practical for one part and fun for the other lol.

So that is the crazy-ness – that’s missing out anything like Connect Group, Esther Group or Band at Church. They already take up 2 or 3 evenings a week. I’ve even started writing myself a to do list for home stuff like I do during my day at work because I don’t want to forget anything lol.

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days.

So those are all future things but for Day 30 it was all about the past.

1. We got a trampoline! Wahoo! The Kiwi found a second hand one that was reasonably cheap – we assembled it on Sunday and realised that 12 foot is massive and nearly as wide as the grass patch in our garden. We set it up in one place then realised that it rocked because the ground wasn’t level – we walked it down the garden (it took three of us lol) and found a better patch.

2. Yesterday at Esther Group we started a new season about Inspirational Ladies. Caz spoke about Jackie Pullinger which was kinda cool. Did you know that Kowlook Walled City covered 6.5 acres and in 1987 housed 33,000 people? I texted my Dad to find out how big 6.5 acres is – now from what he said it’s about a third of the green near his old house and my lower school but that seems really small. Then again my Dad is clever so I’m pretty sure he guess-timated it correctly and it’s just me.

3. While camping at the weekend, we put up two tents and took both down. I was like team leader for putting up the two tents which was kinda scary but then I was the leader and people kept asking me questions – I guess it worked because none of us woke up in the field having gone to sleep under canvas lol. Taking down was a little bit more of a challenge because it’s always really hard to fit the tent back in its bag that is clearly 5 sizes too small or something. Me and my friend at one point were sat on the bag trying to squish it all back in the case.

(I know I’m supposed to post a picture but I need someone to take it for me lol. It’ll be on tomorrows post)

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