Day 1236 (29th Sept)

I think you are suffering today. I’ve just read your Facebook status and it says that you ache lol. No wonder after your crazy adventure yesterday.

This evening is the Alpha Supper. I’m on waitressing this time round which I don’t mind but I am kinda disappointed that I don’t get to wear a black tie – I might just have to wear your red bow tie in my hair instead lol. That way I can join in and work on a smart shirt and tie for next time. You and Rikki have a sidekick to help you as Caz was struggling to get a babysitter and organise stuff like that – the people that she’d normally ask are helping at the meal doh! I need to visit a cash point on the way home and get the sidekicks sponsor money – can’t believe he managed 13 laps! Thats crazy!

He’ll be running marathons by the time he’s 18 and even then he’ll probably still have bundles of energy lol.

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