My Bananas Week

I’m having one of those weeks.

    You know the ones where everything seems to be going really crazy and you can’t do anything about it apart from plough head first into it.

    Well that’s me and it’s now Thursday, I’m shattered and really would like the weekend to start in two hours ish not 26 hours! On the plus side we’re going out to have pizza for tea so that’s good lol. There are a few bloggers out there who will get in a twist about the fact they’ve not got it together and then wouldn’t, I would probably be doing that but since finishing My 30 Days I seem to have gone on my own hiatus so I’m taking a few minutes out and

    So why do I feel like life is going nuts, well this is my week so far


    • Get up at 8ish
    • Head to MK to collect Zoza from the Coachway
    • Bring her back to Bedford
    • Drive to Biddenham to cheer on my friend running a 10k race (she came 200 and something and in her age bracket was 15th which I think is seriously cool as its her first 10k race)
    • Drive to Renhold via church and via home to collect Chris and some other bits (which in the end we didn’t need and could have got straight from church to Renhold lol.
    • I came home and dozed off on the sofa. I woke up like half an hour later and Chris had put the herbal heat back thing against my back to keep me warm – except it was so hot through my t-shirt that it woke me up because I thought I was on fire! Then he grabbed me a blanket as I was cold. I dozed back off again and when I woke up it was about 6:30 and The Kiwi and Rich were stood in the living room door way asking me if I was okay and if I wanted any tea.
    • I sat on the sofa with The Kiwi and Rich and we all watched Dara O’Briain – not necessarily my first choice but he is actually really funny.


    • Monday evening is Date Night for me and Chris. We made dinner together which was interesting lol.
    • He got in a bit of a mood with me so I headed upstairs and watched some of Jonathan Creek with The Kiwi – haven’t seen it in ages but really liked it.
    • Tea was fab we all ate together then me and Chris hung out and watched random bits of TV.


    • Today Chris did his Monopoly Challenge today (don’t worry if I get it sorted there will be a post about it!) It was a little crazy and tiring for me and I was at work all day lol. I went to collect Chris from the train station just before midnight and went in my pajama bottoms because I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed again lol.


    • Alpha at church used to be on a Monday but this time round it’s been moved to a Wednesday, this week was our groups turn to serve dinner. In the pass I’ve been in the kitchen but this time round I was serving tables. I had to dress up smart in my waitress outfit lol.
    • Apparently (and I could be wrong) our group is the only group who dress up smartly rather than just serving in our jeans lol. I wore my white shirt with my waistcoat and black trousers – my waistcoat is too small now 🙁
    • Dinner was Beef Casserole (or was it Bourguignon I got confused lol) and the vegetarians had Quorn Sausage Casserole thingy. Pudding was Chocolate Brownie with fruit and ice cream
    • While I was laying tables, my friend Helen started having a crisis as her computer wasn’t doing what she wanted it to do so I came to her rescue. After serving dinner I then hovered in the corridor in case she had issues with it – which unfortunately she did as it was misbehaving so I darted across the room to fix it so she could carry on with her talk.
    • Afterwards on Facebook we had a discussion about lessons and fact sheets.


    • This evening was always going to a little crazy lol. It’s Boy’s Night on a Thursday. Two of the boys from church come to our house for tea and we have some crazy adventure. This week was no different.
    • We had Lambkin and Chris took him to the woods to collect Conkers then on the way home they went to the supermarket to get some bits for me but they also got a piece of cake each and Chris bought my a bunch of beautiful lilies (My Mum’s favourite flowers).
    • I got home from work about the same time as they had and we all had a go on the trampoline. I showed Lambkin how to do a front drop and then he got back on the trampoline and was trying to do something different then landed a front drop and got back up again – I swear somedays he’s made of rubber bands lol.

    So that was my crazy week – can you believe it! When I started this post I finished it with this bit which I think is redundant now but I’m going to leave it for now: “And before you go all like “Don’t whinge some of those things weren’t like you had to do them!” Well I wanted to collect Zoza from MK and cheer on my friends. My Friends are a huge chunk of my life and I want to support them through their craziness (just like I hope that they would support me through my craziness lol)”

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