Day 14 (Jan 14th)

Describe the town where you grew up. Do you still live there? Why or why not?

Apart from going on holiday and things like that I’ve lived in Bedford my whole life. Bedford is about sixty miles north of London – so it’s relatively easy to get there on the train. It’s probably about half way between Milton Keynes and Cambridge so you can be in either in about 45 minutes depending on the traffic and things like that.

There’s a cinema but the Bowling Alley got closed down a few years back and re-opened as a Bingo Hall which isn’t as nice lol.

So I’ve been there nearly 25 years and I’m still here lol. When I was about 17 and looking at university choices I did look at Universities away from Bedford like Wolverhampton University and Roehampton University as well as staying here. Chris sometimes tells me how moving away would have given me more experiences and I agree with him on that but by staying close to home meant that I met Kewey, LB and Serena who I would consider my closest friends and because I was involved with Kids Work, I was able to go to Turkey to do a Kids Club. So yes I didn’t gain experiences in the sense of being away from home and things like that but I did so much else that I wouldn’t have necessarily done if I had moved away.

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